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"May we all continue on with happy seams and Bleuette dreams."

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Welcome to Au Lapin Bleu. It all begins with just one...

Isolde Mirette, wearing a replica of an antique Bleuette hat made by Au Lapin Bleu.


In 1905, a little doll known as Bleuette was given as a premium to young French girls for subscribing to a weekly publication called La Semaine De Suzette. Each week there would be a new pattern published to sew or construct something for the little doll. The initial run of 20,000 dolls were gone within a week. Several face molds were used for Bleuette over the years and you can read more about them in several Bleuette books, but one of our favorites is Bleuette Son Trousseau d'origine Gautier-Languereau 1905-1960 by Monique Couturier and Samy Odin. This book also contains pictures of cottage sewn clothing and accessories that were available for purchase. Today, Bleuette still enjoys a large and devoted fan base and with over 1,000 patterns available from the weekly LSDS, and patterns being constructed to match the ready made GL clothing, Bleuette Mamans are busy needleworkers.

There are several online groups devoted to Bleuette, but one of our favorites is the Bleuette Sewing Club, BSC, where each month a new sewing challenge is presented by members as well as ongoing sewing challenges. Even if you do not sew, this is a very helpful group and a virtual treasure trove of information and Bleuettes on parade. If you perform a search for Bleuette, you will find links to many online groups.

Here you will find a collection of Bleuette and Friends. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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Isolde Mirette and Owynn